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Posted 5/4/2011 10:14:45 AM Moderator Moderator

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Are you and your dog ready for a getaway -- in your own hometown? Share your “staycationing” ideas with other dog lovers!

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Posted 5/14/2011 7:52:28 PM
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"Staycationing" with my dog Kyler is a daily thing. We always go places and do things together. I'd have to say, our favorite "staycation" stop is our local dog park at the James Island County Park. It's perfect really. Its so big, there's lots of room to run around, a pond to swim in, with two walking beach-type areas to put your paws in the sand. Its a big enough area that you can get away from other dogs, put a blanket on the ground and just relax,hang out and read a copy of the latest "DogFancy" magazine. There is also a separate park for "small dogs under 25 pounds" and even though Kyler is a morkie (maltese and yorkie), we've only been in there once to play with a chihauhau bc there are those grass spurs that get caught in his coat over there and other dogs rarely go in there bc it's not as fancy, big, and doesn't have a pond with beach-type area. It only costs a dollar to access this park. If you live in the Charleston, SC area, Kyler and I highly reccommend "staycationing" here a day or two this summer woof and wags.

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Posted 5/15/2011 11:36:59 AM


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A wonderful thing about having a small, toy breed is that she fits in a purse carry-all.  Wherever I go, she likes to ride with me, be it the grocery store or a friend's house.  What we enjoy most, however, is a trip to the park beside the river where she can meet other dogs and people.  Her other favorite place is going to Sonic because it is a drive-in restaurant where she is given tibbits of people food and she can watch people walking around!!!
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Posted 5/21/2011 8:26:57 AM
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We staycationed with our two dogs last year near Hayward WI. Totally dog friendly. Most of the time the dogs didn't even have to be on a leash. It was a cabin right on the lake with a challenging 18 hole golf course. Our black lab could play tennis ball in the beach where people swim! Our little rat terrier/chihauha really enjoyed her golf cart ride. both dogs really enjoyed the pontoon ride,
we got off at a few islands. the place is called Ross's Teal Lake Lodge. They have 3 friendly labs that live there. This year we are trying something a little closer near Lac Du Flambeau WI. Also a cabin on the lake with 6 beaches and many walking trails. We also plan a pontoon boat ride. they have Golden Retrievers that live there. We wouldn't dream of taking a vacation without our dogs.

Hope this helps
Tammy K

We stacationed with our dogs near Hayward WI last year. It was very dog friendly. They have cabins on the lake. Our two dogs could go anywhere, not even leashed in some spots. our small dog even got a ride on the golf cart. Our big black lab had fun playing tennis ball in the beach, where people swim. Both dogs enjoyed the pontoon boat ride. They were three labs that lived there & were friendly. the place is called Ross' Teal Lake Resort. Has a tough 18 hole golf course. This year we are trying somewhere closer. It is in Lac Du Flambeau WI called Dillman's resort. Also cabins on a lake. This one has 6 beaches where the dogs can play & lots of walking area. We are planning a pontoon ride again. We wouldn't think about taking a vacation without our dogs.
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